Vickey L. Morris

Vickey Morris is the President of Corporate Acquisitions for 4 Skies International, Inc. and is responsible for overseeing all real estate transactions, acquisitions and management relative to the company’s current and future projects.

She is also responsible for vertical and horizontal expansion activities of the company. Ms. Morris brings to the company a diverse array of relevant real estate experience. She has an extensive background in real estate spanning more than 25 years, including experience in commercial and residential development. After being honorably discharged from the US Army she worked as a Civil Engineering Project Manager, Real Estate Development Manager, VP of Land Use and Planning for a national homebuilder, Chief Title Officer, Senior Real Estate Paralegal, Escrow Administrator, Operations Manager for 2 national title companies and State/Regional Manager for 2 large national title companies. Her extensive real estate background, attention to detail, and multi-state experience provides credibility and a level of security to all transactions she is involved with. The ability to quickly assess a real estate opportunity and identify any obstacles have garnered Vickey the support of many sellers/buyers and attorneys alike. 

Vickey L. Morris
President of Corporate Acquisitions

She has been involved in, and instrumental to the success of, many large multi-state and international transactions both on the legal side and the closing side. Ms. Morris is held in high regard by several law firms and regional banks for which she provides consulting services. As a public speaker on all things real estate, she has been invited to speak and train at many high level national forums. She has lived all over the world and the United States.