Active & Anticipated Projects

Active Projects

State of Indiana
Greenfield Project comprising a 45 MW Natural Gas Power Plant with 500,000 square feet of Vertical Farm.

Anticipated Projects

State of Connecticut
Factory Repurposing comprising a 50 MW Natural Gas Power Plant with 720,000 square feet of Vertical Farm.

State of Maine
Greenfield Project comprising a 50 MW Natural Gas Power Plant with 645,834 square feet of Vertical Farm.

Potential Projects

Repurposing Closed Power Plants


Over 100 nuclear power plants worldwide will be decommissioned over the next 10 to 15 years. Replacement opportunities for continuing zero-emission power generation can not be met by solar, wind or hydro alone. They can, however, be met by 4 SKIES’ proprietary Tri-Gen-Zero™ technology.


Over 600 coal plants currently exist across North America.  Governments are determined to reduce their dependency on coal, and/or mitigate coal's negative impact on the environment. Conversion to natural gas or biomass is one way to repurpose coal plants. Adding CO2 scrubbers and vertical farms is another.

Repurposing Abandoned Commercial Real Estate


Around the world there are thousands of large-scale manufacturing plants sitting vacant. These plants, both domestic and international, can be repurposed into vertical farms either with, or without, a commercial power plant. 


Hundreds of shopping malls across North America are facing closure with some having already been abandoned. Nearly one third of the 1,200 remaining malls are threatening to close, or have already closed, representing a unique vertical farming opportunity.

Other Vertical Farming Opportunities


Anywhere vacant land is available, with ready access to water, natural gas and power lines, there exists an opportunity to utilize Tri-Gen-Zero™ technology. Vertical farming only needs one-fifth of an acre of floor space to replace 30 acres of yield - utilizing 99% less water. Vacant land near large urban centers represents an opportunity to design and build a standalone vertical farm with its own dedicated power plant or a new natural gas power plant with CO2 scrubbers and a vertical farm. Either way, the size and scope of each project is likely to be determined by the demand for electricity, food or both. 


Wherever new natural gas power plants are being contemplated or existing thermal power plants are looking to reduce CO2 emissions, Tri-Gen-Zero™ projects are certainly worth consideration. By simply integrating a CO2 scrubber and  vertical farm, appropriately scaled to remove 90% of the CO2 and sequestering the rest via crop production, it may be possible to achieve zero CO2 emissions - while generating ample revenues to cover the additional cost, yet maintain attractive profit margins.