Tri-Gen-Zero™ is a proprietary concept developed by 4 SKIES which combines modern gas plant technology with innovative carbon capture and vertical farming expertise.

With Tri-Gen-Zero™ it is possible to produce electricity without CO2 emissions. This is accomplished by employing modern scrubbing technologies with carbon capture and sequestration practices utilizing state-of-the-art vertical farming techniques.

With Tri-Gen-Zero™ 90% of the CO2 is captured and removed allowing the vertical farm to sequester and utilize the remaining 10% through the natural process of photosynthesis.

4 SKIES' Tri-Gen-Zero™ concept delivers impactful results:


A highly efficient power plant that can achieve up to 61% efficiency (natural gas to electricity).


An extremely proficient and profitable, self-sustaining, organic produce growing operation.

An environmentally clean, CO2 emissions free contributor to the world’s energy needs and food security.